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Extreme rupture and fatigue tests, reveal the constant quality of PPT’s connections and couplers.

* No weakening with the strength characteristics of the new quench & tempered rebars.

There is always bar failure before connection or coupler rupture .


PPT’s own testing facility

Connection stronger than the rebar

PPT couplers are manufactured under strict requirements.

A multitude of tests, controls and checks are executed, before final serial # attribution for every single coupler settles release to conformity.

Internal, severe ISO-Quality Control and Management guarantees high quality product and service.

PPT Connections and couplers are manufactured under project- and country-related certifications.

Individual, case related design and/or safety requirements can be adapted.

Quality and design, guaranteed by British Standard International, European CE- and TÜV- certification as well as by PPT’s own Quality Management may fit also 500L / 500N standard and the earthquake standard 500E.

Test realized on September 2018 with:
Test rod on the bottom side,
PPT-standard-coupler as connecting part
Grade 50 (500) 32mm Ø rebar with the PPT long-position-rolled-tread on the top side.
Bar-break at 551 kN

* Very low, soft and smooth upsetting