Panasia Progressive Technology
Co. Ltd.
100/29 Soi Sap Tawi, Moo 1 / Pathum-Sam Khok Road / Sam Khok / Pathum Thani 12160 / Thailand
1995 - Inventing, elaborating and commercializing an innovative coupling method, Mr. Noppadol Temsinsook contributed at that time, to the important progress; coupling technology instead of overlapping. Years of practical experience and continuous improvement brought us finaly to a new step in the evolution of rebar connection:
2009 - Dawn of a new path breaking era taking place and entering the market under the name of our new, dynamic company;
Panasia Progressive Technology Co. Ltd.
Together with its close staff of engineers, collaborator and friends, PPT launches its new generation of re-bar connections, developed and based on long lasting experience, constant research and improvement, permanent testing, customer feedback and especially the global introduction of quench and temper processed rebars.
PPT’s, 2,500 sqm, modern factory, with its own high-tech research- and testing-facility, is situated within a few minutes from the major Northern-Bangkok Ring Roads, 24 h accessible by truck, in the Industrial Zoning of Sam Khok. Couplers and our PPT-production sets are professionally packed, labelled and exported to our foreign customers.
PPT’s business philosophy, customer care and proximity as well as the advantage of dealing directly with the Inventor and his related staff, implies best possible conditions for a successful collaboration.
PPT’s special Hotline allows permanent contact - with job-site responsible for domestic customers and - with our engineering staff for our foreign customers, 24 hours and 7 days a week. 
Until today PPT never stops innovating and improving its method based on customers requirements and with focus on the evolution of modern rebar steel. 
PPT’s coupler method being without doubt your best possible choice with the new generation of “quench-tempered” rebars.

What you should know

Noppadol Temsinsook